Making Democracy Work

Local Action

Montrose County League Action


  • Assist with online voter registration
  • Host local candidate and ballot issue forums
  • Participate in statewide Voter Service and
  • Implement LWVCO EZ Grant for outreach to Millennial and Hispanic voters
  • Participate and plan vote registration drives for National Voter Registration Day, September 25

  • Host monthly presentations at the Montrose Library for the winter/spring months
  • Parade for the 98th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment

  • Instruct various student and community groups about voter registration and election information

  • Share information locally from the LWVCO Strategic Task Force Local League Support Committee
  • Share information locally from LWVCO Redistricting Committee

  • Recipient of LWVCO EZ Grant
  • Raise funds through Horsefly Brewery's Community Tap Night

THE 2018-2019 BOARD
  • President Jan Edwards
  • State Liaison/Veep Gretchen Nicholoff
  • Secretary Nancy Ball
  • Treasurer Barb Krebs
  • At Large Board Member Susan Chandler Reed

Webmaster/Communications: Tanya Ishikawa Voter Service: Rod Britten, Jan Edwards, Barb Krebs LWVCO EZ Grant Millennial Voter Registration Committee Chair: Cheryl Gibson

2013-2014 Action of the Montrose County League

  • Celebrated 93 years of the Power of the Vote with a display at Montrose Library.
  • Assisted with online voter registration on National Voter Registration Day at Colorado Mesa University, Montrose Campus.
  • Hosted Montrose County and Delta County School Board Candidate forums.
  • Held a state ballot issues forum on Proposition AA and Amendment 66.
  • Held a City of Montrose ballot issues forum on measures A, B, and C.
  • Assisted eligible Montrose High School students with online voter registration as part of the Western Slope Youth Voting Initiative.
  • Karen Connor was again in charge of the Vote411 website for the Colorado State League.
  • Hosted "Connect for Health Colorado---are you ready for October 1, 2013 and January 1, 2014?" dealing with provisions of the Affordable Care Act at Montrose Memorial Hospital with Linda Gann, Western Slope Outreach Coordinator, guest speaker.
  • Held the second "Making Democracy Work Award" in Montrose County and the first "Making Democracy Work Award in Delta County, honoring and giving recognition to local community leaders, Carol McDermott (Montrose County) and Pam Bliss (Delta County)
  • Hosted "Immigration Reform in Colorado---effects of new laws" featuring John Harold of Tuxedo Corn, Rick Taggart of Colorado Mesa University, and Karen Sherman-Perez of the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition as guest speakers.
  • Hosted "Telling it straight in a world that spins - responsible journalism in the age of P.R." featuring the co-editors of Montrose High School's Chieftan newspaper, Abby Padilla and Kaylynn Miller, Marta Tarbell, Publisher, and Gus Jarvis, Editor, of Watch Newspapers, and Justin Joiner, Managing Editor of the Montrose Daily Press.
  • Hosted Part I of "Our Land, Our Water, Our Food, Our Future...they are in our hands" featuring guest speaker John Ikerd, Professor Emeritus of Agricultural Economics at the University of Missouri, as part of our participation in the LWVUS Agriculture Update study.
  • Hosted Part II of the above featuring as guest speakers Corey Hicks, Executive Director, and Laurie Neilson, Senior Farm Loan Officer, of the Farm Service Agency and Trent Hollister, 4-H Extension Agent.
  • Held "members only" meeting for the purpose of discussing the consensus questions provided by the LWVUS for the Ag Update study to determine if we could reach consensus on any/all of them.
  • Tammy Theis and Nancy Ball represented the Montrose League at League of Women Voters Colorado League Day in Denver, and Karen Connor attended as a LWVCO state board member.
  • Tammy Theis and Kathryn Carson will represent the Montrose League at LWVCO Council to be held in Grand Junction; Nancy Ball and Sheryl Clapton will attend as observers; and Karen Connor will attend as a member of the state board.
  • Co-sponsored the 8-week Great Decisions program on international issues with the Montrose Library and Barb Krebs served as moderator.
  • Participated in the City of Montrose Youth Council Teen Opportunity Expo to familiarize the students with the local League and its activities and inform them how to become involved.
  • Celebrated 2014 Law Day and its theme "American Democracy and the Rule of Law: Why Every Vote Matters" with an exhibit at the Montrose Library.
  • Karen Connor acted as moderator at the two D.M.E.A. board candidate forums held in Cedaredge and Montrose, May
  • Recipient of 2013 LWVCO grant to help fund "Making Democracy Work Award" events in Montrose and Delta counties
  • Some area businesses and the Montrose Mirror provided in-kind donations.
  • Several local residents gave money to support our local activities.
  • Red Barn Restaurant community night.

THE 2013-2014 BOARD Executive Board Elected At Annual Meeting
  • President - Karen Connor
  • Treasurer - Kathryn Carson
  • Secretary - Joan Eliot

Non-Elected Board Members
  • Nancy Ball - Voter Newsletter Editor
  • Susan Chandler-Reed - Web Master
  • Peggy Baxter & Martha Grewal - Delta County Representatives
  • Rod Britten - Voter Service
  • Rosemary Murphy - At Large
  • Caitlin Switzer - Fund Raising
  • Barb Krebs - At Large

2012-2013 Action of the Montrose County League

  • Provided election information re candidates and issues to voters
  • Sent delegates to State Council, League Day and Leadership Training and LWVUS Convention
  • Participated in LWVCO study on hydraulic fracturing and hosted regional forum in Delta
  • Co-sponsored with the Montrose Library Great Decisions, a public discussion on foreign policy
  • Hosted a program on the Affordable Care Act with guest speaker from the Bell Policy Center
  • Presented a program on campaign finance reform entitled "Democracy in the Balance"
  • Presented Ballot Issues forums in Montrose and Delta counties
  • Held General Election Candidate Forums in Delta and Montrose counties
  • Presented first annual "Making Democracy Work" award to Robb Ruyle

2011-2012 Action of the Montrose County League

  • Hosted two community programs on Ballot Privacy and Election Transparency
  • League members attended the Congressional Redistricting meeting held in our region.
  • Provided election information re candidates and issues to voters
  • Co-sponsored with library GREAT DECISIONS, a public discussion on foreign policy
  • Held Montrose City Council Candidate Forum
  • Sent delegates to State Council, League Day and Leadership Training and LWVUS Convention
  • Participated in the LWVUS study on the "Role of Federal Government in Public Education"
  • Participated in the LWVUS study on the "Privatization of Traditional Government Services"
  • Facilitated DMEA forum for board candidates
  • Sponsored Primary Candidate Forum for Board of County Commissioner positions

2010-2011 Action of the Montrose County League

  • Held General Election Candidate Forums in Delta and Montrose Counties
  • Distributed Ballot Issue Brochures in Delta, Montrose and San Miguel Counties
  • Gave Ballot Issue Presentations in Delta, Montrose and San Miguel Counties
  • Worked with other community groups to educate citizens about effects of Amendments 60 and 61 and Proposition 101
  • Received Appreciation Plaque from the U.S. Census Bureau for educating county citizens and encouraging participation in the 2010 Census
  • Interviewed House District Representative Don Coram and U.S. Representative Scott Tipton about upcoming legislative issues
  • Sponsored community informational meetings about financing local schools, redistricting and alternative energy resources locally.
  • Co-sponsored with the Montrose Regional Library "Great Decisions", a public discussion on foreign policy

2009-2010 Action of the Montrose County League

  • Studied regional and statewide sustainable programs in fiscal management, water, jobs, agriculture, construction and recycling
  • Worked with Colorado Leagues to develop a Sustainability position
  • Served as Montrose County Census 2010 Complete Count Committee connecting local governmental units, education, business, medical, non-profit and religious communities with Census information
  • Held a forum for candidates for the Montrose City Council
  • Started the 2010 election cycle off with candidate forums for County Commissioner and HD 54 in the Republican Primaries in Montrose and Delta Counties
  • Co-sponsored with the Montrose Regional Library "Great Decisions", a public discussion on foreign policy

2008-2009 Action of the Montrose County League

  • Provided a nonpartisan education program, Open Courts, about the Colorado Judiciary
  • Provided a public presentation on services provided to county residents by Montrose County Health and Human Services
  • Presented Montrose and Olathe High Schools classroom sets and the Montrose Library copies of Colorado, The State We're In, an educational book about Colorado government
  • Registered Montrose County Voters
  • Distributed 2,000 ballot issue brochures in English and 700 in Spanish
  • Made five community presentations about pros and cons of proposed ballot initiatives
  • Presented pros and cons of Amendment 46 on the November ballot with Spanish interpretation
  • Provided a public educational forum on the environmental effects of radon in the soil
  • Supported One Community with their efforts to get Vista volunteers to help integrate immigrants into the community
  • Supported the Meth Coalition and Montrose School District in educating the public on the Safe2Tell program

2007-2008 Action of the Montrose County League

  • Studied and participated in a national (League of Women Voters of the United States) consensus to form a position on immigration
  • Supported and recommended action on the formation of universal health care for the state of Colorado
  • Co-sponsored FORU's (Friends of the River Uncompahgre) forum, "What's In Your River?"
  • Advocated for the purchase of Burial Tree Ranch and Flying Pig Ranch by the Colorado State Parks Department and Division of Wildlife
  • Co-sponsored Great Decisions with the Montrose Regional Library, a series of public discussions on foreign policy
  • Held public meetings on insuring library patrons' access to information and the effects of severance tax issues on Montrose county
  • Registered Montrose County Voters
  • Held a Forum for Candidates for the Montrose City Council

Additionally, our members serve as active members of numerous community civic groups.